Even a journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step. This is a proverb most are very familiar with. To do anything new you need to get started. In the case of a long journey, it’s a step. 

Mambo Health Gaming believes that everyone aspires to be more healthy. We also believe that there are many different things that drive people to make positive health behavior changes. Even with all the different things that motivate us individually, it remains true that if we don’t find what motivates us to take that first step, we will not make it to where we want to go. Sometimes that motivation can be as simple as a nudge here and there to change our path. Small adjustments in what we do, just a little bit at a time. 

This is why we are so excited with our first product for motivating people to take on healthier habits incrementally: MamboWalk an Everyday Walk a Thon -www.mambowalk.com


For MamboWalk, we choose a powerfully simple activity to build our game around, a footstep. Proverb aside, you truly cannot be successful in our game with out taking steps. Steps are relatively easy to measure. When done repeatedly, steps creates large numbers that can act as currency. Increasing steps is proven to benefit one’s health. Simple!

The question is: What will make us take some extra steps today? Tomorrow? And 6 months from now?

We think the answer is different for each of us, yet at the same time have a reoccurring theme. 

START- You need to start! OK, we got that out of the way!

TREND- You need to monitor how many steps you take, do the steps again (or even more) the very next day. And so on…

FRIEND- You need to tell your friends. They will keep you on track. Engage them in what your are doing. Peer pressure works for both good and bad habits.

‘be’CAUSE- You need to finds something important to you, that is outside yourself and make them a stakeholder, like a charity. Make a promise to someone other than yourself, someone who really needs it.

CARROTS- You need to show off your accomplishments and relish small wins along the way, celebrate your successes. 

STICKS- You need consequences that are not quite punishment, but are geared to get you back on track. 

RESULTS- You need to recognize that the results are a combination of some or all of the things above.

We have used these behavior drivers all our lives to nudge our behavior to create new habits, (some of them good and some of them bad). It seems that when it comes to healthy behaviors we’ve become forgetful of how we have created progress in the past. 

MamboWalk is using the very simple measurement of STEPS and creating a powerful, fun and rewarding game. We are building in TRENDS, FRIENDS, ‘be’CAUSES, CARROTS, and STICKS that have been used for ages in creating positive behavior change.


There are a lot of other great books, stories and blogs about the idea of changing health behavior using Nudges, Carrots and Sticks, Friends and Trends.

At Mambo Health Gaming, we aspire to take this body of thoughtful research and create practical interfaces to make real changes in peoples lives through fun and games.