I find that every time I write ‘gamification’, my instant spell checker corrects it to ‘ramification’. Even when writing this first sentence, I had to override the spell check two times, once for gamification, and then again, when I put it in quotes. And since the word is so new, I am hesitant to include it in my spell check dictionary. Not because I think the term will go away soon. Instead, I like the fact that if I find the term via spell check it is a nice reminder of its novelty. The spell check also creates a break point to see if I really want to use the word; new buzz words can be irresistible. It is a bit of a game I have made for myself.

The term gamification in social media and marketing context is new, but the idea is ancient, tested and applicable to just about everything we do. Think about what you have done today, you have likely already created a strategy for task at work, you have raced to a train, you have rewarded yourself for a task. You have won or lost at something. And it is just lunch. We are naturally disposed to organize what we do into packets of activity that have benefit reward models built-in. It’s natural, it is how we learn, work and engage in social activities.

The folks at MamboWalk like the idea of gamification. We are challenged when thinking about it’s novelty and potential. So, we are keeping our eyes on all the ways gamification is finding it’s way into the domain of social marketing, social media … And especially social wellness and health. At the same time, what we are really interested in is making games for changing health behaviors and habits in way that is rewarding, fun and social.

Mambowalk.com is testing our newest game!!! If you would like to be invited to the next best thing in gamification, OR if you are simply interested in having fun with your friend, raising money for your favorite charity or just challenging your friends to a good walk, SIGN-UP on our website. As spot come up we will send you a code for one of the next test MamboWalk walkathons!

I think time will tell us the ramifcation of gamification, but for now let’s have some fun!