If you have been relatively inactive, or if you suffer from any sort of chronic muscular-skeletal injuries, beginning a walking program can put you on the right track for gradual improvement of your level of fitness. Walking on a regular basis is also an excellent way to control your weight.
There are a number of other less obvious, but equally important benefits of starting a walking program. Here are some of them:

    Walking is a highly social exercise that allows you to get out and meet new people.
    It is also an economical alternative to driving your car, or even paying for public transportation.
    No special skills are required for a walking program.
    With the exception of a comfortable pair of walking shoes, no special equipment is required to start a walking program.
    Even people with health conditions can begin a walking program.
    Studies have shown that even moderate exercise can control your appetite.
    Studies have shown that even moderate exercise can enhance mood and prevent depression.
    Many studies have shown that exercise can prevent heart disease.
    Walking, especially uphill, is an excellent way to sculpt your legs.