Reducing sitting in the workplace may help drive lower obesity rates and better health. Recent studies on inactivity suggest that the hours people spend sitting – at work, on email & Facebook, in traffic and watching TV – may be linked to increasing rates of obesity and chronic disease.

Part of the problem with sitting all the time is that you don’t use as much energy as when you spend more time on your feet. This seems to be obvious to most. Yet there seems to be even more to the equation.

Seems that there is a connection between the leg muscles, back muscles and neck muscles and how they interact when we are standing. All these muscle are used in creating your posture and they seem to have a significant link to how one metabolizes fat and cholesterol. Consequently, even if you exercise during the day, the long period of time that you are not using your postural muscle could override the benefits.

“Lack of physical activity is not the same as ‘too much’ sitting,” said Neville Owen PhD, professor of health behavior at the University of Queensland in Australia. “ We used to think that just exercising was the answer. Exercising is still very important, but in addition, we are learning that too much sitting may be in itself a problem.” encourage walking everyday for improved health. Even though walking is considered light exercise, walking requires the activation of all postural muscles.