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To determine what happens when healthy, active people cut back on their physical activity, researchers at the University of Missouri asked study participants to cut their level of activity to below 5000 steps per day. The results will surprise you. Check out this report.


Walk for Good Summary

The Walk for Good (“WFG”) is a fundraising walkathon designed to promote and encourage participants to increase their level of daily physical activity. The event is being organized and hosted by MamboWalk, an online social networking health game. In contrast to real world walkathons, WFG is a pedometer based team challenge that takes place over an extended 60 day period. Event participants join five person teams, track and log their daily step count on the WFG website and progress along the historic Silk Road across Asia. WFG encourages positive health behavior change through consistent engagement, mutual support, points, friendly competition and, most importantly, a team approach to supporting a charity.

How it Works

The Walk for Good is a walkathon that not only raises money for charity but helps participants make huge strides for their health. It is a team walking competition consisting of teams of 5 people in a 6000 mile race across Asia from Venice to China along the famous Silk Road. Each team is led by a team captain who is responsible for creating the team and recruiting its members. Team members track and monitor their daily step count using pedometers and record their steps on the Walk for Good website. Users gain points for logging in, steps walked and putting together streaks of consecutive days of activity. Teams will race along the Silk Road and their progress will be plotted on the course map. Teams will be eligible for prizes throughout the event and bonus points will be awarded for passing waypoints along the way. Total points will determine team rankings.

As an added incentive to be motivated and to help raise funds for charity, users will invite donors to be a part of the event. Your donors will be able to contribute to your team’s success and to cheer you on. Every dollar raised by your teammates will earn points for your team.

At the end of the event, we’ll have a celebration honoring all participants!

The Route

This year’s challenge is a race across the famous Silk Road, one the ancient world’s most important trade routes. As team move along the route, participants will learn about its varied history, geography and culture.

Benefits of Walking

Starting a walking program of just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in a person’s health and well-being. Various health organizations recommend a daily goal of 10,000 steps, but the average American walks only about 3,500 to 5,000 a day and most people overestimate their daily step activity. Increasing physical activity through walking can positively impact a number of health issues.

• Areas of improvement from walking
 Diabetes
 Dementia and Alzheimer’s
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Fatigue
 High blood pressure
 Heart disease
 Knee arthritis
 Weight loss

Despite the overwhelming health advantages of a regular daily walking program millions of people fail to achieve even half of the recommended number daily steps. The reasons we fall short of the guidelines are numerous. Some people may not realize the benefits of such a simple program or they may not realize their actual level of activity. Others may not have the time or not make exercise a high priority. Others may find it boring or difficult to find the incentive to make the effort. They may not see the benefit quickly enough or they may not receive positive encouragement and feedback to start and stick with a program.

MamboWalk – A fun and engaging walking program

MamboWalk makes a walking program more enjoyable and motivating. First, Mambowalk is based on increasing awareness though tracking and goal setting. Second, we are a team based program and teammates provide support and encouragement. Friendly competition allows for accountability to your teammates. Third, our point system and visual progression along a route provide daily feedback and rewards consistency. Movement along a virtual route allows the opportunity to learn about new places and culture, taking participants on a journey of discovery. Fourth, the duration of the event creates the opportunity to build sustainable habits and opportunities for engagement and education. Finally, the power of taking actions to help others can be a powerful motivator. As we’ve seen in traditional walk/run charity events, people can accomplish more than they ever imagined when setting their goals for a charitable cause.

What’s the Cost?

The Walk for Good is primarily a corporate wellness challenge with registration fees paid for by employers or team sponsors. Registration fees will cover all costs associated with organizing and running the event, web development expenses and recruitment of participants. All money raised by participants as donations will go to charity partners.

WFG will start on September 3, 2012. The Registration Period will open on July 1, 2012 and will stay open until the start of the race. There will be a registration fee of $500 per team. All team participants will receive a pedometer, water bottle, t-shirt, tote bag and a copy of the MamboWalk Complete Guide to Fitness Walking. Throughout the event, participants will receive the MamboWalk newsletter providing event news, health and wellness tips and special offers. All active participants will be eligible for cool awards and prizes during the event and will be invited to attend the final Walk for Good gala celebration in Boston!

Getting Started

Event Registration opens on July 1, 2012 and will remain open until August 20, 2012, two weeks before the start of the Race. During Registration Period Team Captains will register their teams on the Walk for Good site and invite teammates to join. All team members will become members of the Walk for Good site prior to the start of the race. Team members will be able to participate in Training along with their teammates during the registration period by logging their steps and earning points. Only points earned after the starting day will count towards the race results however.

To learn more and to stay up to date on all Walk for Good developments please visit

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